Development Story
ZAIGLE was initially developed in big size for business purpose to roast chicken.
The capacity of ZAIGLE was huge, and was suitable for large dish or restaurants where neat and tasty cooking is possible.

However, large capacity became a problem in supplying the roaster to restaurants for commercialization. After dozens of experiments, this time, ZAIGLE was developed for table suitable for roast Samgyeopsal (pork belly). I tried for roast Samgyeopsal and small pork/beef intestines. The taste was good. I was convinced as an inventor that it will be a perfect one in view of my long experience in the food industry.

However, as a prototype was made of stainless steel and steel by processing with NCT, the weight was heavy in comparison with the size, and numerous inconveniences including insulation were demonstrated. The design was not attractive, either. It was insufficient to gain safety certification as an electric tool.
I started to research again and again, injecting so much time and fund, amid agony as an inventor. I worked with professional designers for function and value enhancement. With all these painstaking processes, the current ZAIGLE, which embodies Korean eating culture that we eat food sitting around together, irrelevant of places, was completed.

I have had a pride that I solved everything with our own technology, not only realizing the patented invention technology as two directional (top and bottom) heat emitting structure, but embodying the cooking apparatus offering tasty food. I actually have made the ZAIGLE product aiming at fulfilling the mission as a cooking apparatus, while pursuing health and wellbeing of consumers.

I can assure you that omnipotent healthy bacon roster ZAIGLE made after numerous trials and errors will be the one letting the world know about Korean cooking culture.