Advantages in Cooking
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Meat Like boiled meat with crispy outside but moist
  inside, the meat does not dry, even left
  a long time.
No smell lingers, and no oil splashes.
General roast pan has a disadvantage of
  moisture being dried.
Food smell lingers, and oil splashes,
  thus environment deteriorates.
Seafood Even fish (sea food) is not turned over, and
  the inside of fish is cooked well with drying.
You can eat even the shells of shrimps.
General roast fish needs to be turned over to
  properly cook.
Vegetable Although vegetables are put a long time on the
  pan, they are cooked well without drying.
You can eat cooked Kimchi without burning.
When you roast vegetable, they burn, so you
  cannot eat them properly.
When vegetables burn, hazardous substances
  are generated.
Others It is also good to warm up food like bread for
When all edible dietary materials are cooked
  using ZAIGLE, you can feel unique and new