CEO Message

ZAIGLE, a cooking apparatus, developed from a paradoxical idea, is the beginning of kitchen innovation.

We tend to forget, and not to feel inconveniences in everyday life, amid our busy, but beautiful life.
Smelly roasted meat, or grilled fish was part of our life.
However, although you like Samgyeopsal (pork belly), or fish, you cannot easily eat Samgeopsal emitting oily smell, and fish with fishy smell. When you are even willing to eat Samgyeopsal, or fish, it takes a long time to remove oil, or fishy smell, which can cause some inconvenience in life.
I could not just sit around quietly, after finding out a research result that gas, briquette, and charcoal, which burn the surrounding oxygen, may fatally harm our brain and body. With long time experience in the food industry, and as an engineering major, I had thought of and researched cooking apparatus, taking food, sanitation, and environment into account.
I was not satisfied with a prototype that I made, although I underwent great concern, trials and errors, and invested a lot. I, however, did not give up, and thought paradoxically, based on difficult experience. The solution was a paradoxical thinking. And, I found out that infrared rays are useful, and greatly beneficial to human body, and that infrared rays can help cook tasty food.

As a result of various tests for 2 years, after ZAIGLE, with which hotel style cooking can be conducted, was developed, I have been convinced that ZAIGEL is the product to innovatively change our kitchen and life.

ZAIGLE Co., Ltd. pursues innovation in life with a paradoxical idea. We make contributions to make better future by constantly researching & developing, and launching home appliances and healthy leisure-related products, along with everyday life healthy food cooking apparatus using infrared rays, starting with environment-friendly, and healthy functional bacon roaster ZAIGLE.

CEO and inventor ZAIGLE Co., Ltd.

Lee Jin-hee